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In this era of mobile and internet, the mobile-first approach has been a crucial factor. There are two major reasons behind it- first is the rapid growth in mobile users and second is the Google mobile-friendly algorithm. Hence, in this digital world, mobile app development is quickly taking center-stage. Implementing best design strategies and practices is utmost important to get your app in the store, installed and used frequently. The app is much more than just look and feel, so it should be design keeping in mind both UI and UX design together. This will help to increase the customer’s engagement and retention.

Here are a few tips mentioned that will help to design a Mobile App:


Make Design Responsive

The app should be compatible with a large number of mobile devices. We should not ignore any platform and give equal focus on Android and IOS while designing. A 50/50 split should be developed unless the company specifically is targeting a set of users. It is crucial to examine and handle all the possible issues which may arise during testing on different devices.

Keep It Simple

We all know Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) model and it is also popular in UX design. Nowadays, clients prefer to have minimal design because it is easy for them to do multiple tasks in fewer steps. Fancy and glittery backgrounds should be avoided. We should focus on optimizing images to minimize the load times. If the design is complicated it will take more time to load your app. Minimal design helps to keep the users more focused. The simple design is also easy to navigate and users should not need to scroll, zoom, or forced to side scroll to view the content.

Testing with Users

There are many testing methods used by designers but as per the industry standard is recommended. It has lots of advantages. The main advantage is the identification and rectification of the minor issue at the beginning of the development. This helps in cost minimization and effort involved in the whole development process.

Visually Attractive

The intriguing mobile app design has a great appeal with the right color scheme to boot. Using varied colors, texture, and combination can work in actual visual art but in the app, it can make the design messy. The heavy text app is not liked and appreciated by users nowadays. Heavy text design is not that user-friendly as it is difficult for the phones to interpret the small text. Striking visual elements attract and engage the users, also encourage them to come back for an amazing interactive experience.

Follow guidelinesapp-design

There are many guidelines in the world of UI and should be followed as well. You should consider the present standards while experimenting with navigation and user interactions. While implementing UI design, a developer should focus on the core functionality rather than the small ones. The developed app will be scrutinized and reviewed by Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store for this criterion.

Be informed with the trends

The trend in technology is an ever-evolving process. There are always some new ways to design and create things based on technological trends in every industry. Every designer is accustomed and aware of all the latest ideas and strategies popular in the market. Following the recent trend will assist the designers while the development of a mobile app. This will help them to reach out to new users and the market.

Understand the Difference between Screen and Size

Smartphones from the same brand also come in different size, shapes, and resolutions. Hence, an app designer needs to recognize the difference between the screen and size. You should give equal focus on other devices. Depending upon the availability of your app, you should also consider some devices such as Smart TVs, etc. The design should be optimized for more and more devices.


Some of the tips are mentioned above that you should consider while designing an app. There are numerous factors that should also be considered. But the suggested tips will help you in making a feasible and usable design. Great design is an amalgamation of functionality, features, and beauty and you should keep all these in mind during designing a mobile app.

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