In this competitive edge, automation is ruling the world and businesses from all domains are making it an integral part to run their businesses successfully. Marketing Automation has lots of benefits for every size of business. It saves time and money, measure and optimize marketing investments, also helps to grow revenue. Marketing Automation is a concept that is quite difficult to express in a few words.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing AutomationIn a nutshell, marketing automation is software that automates all your marketing tasks and workflows so that companies can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. It is software used to deliver personalized messages to the leads and customers. You can create a dynamic series of messages to send to your prospects.

Here are some of the benefits of marketing automation for your business:

Reduced manual effort and automates the process

Automation is the best way to increase the overall efficiency of any process. Marketing projects demands huge manual effort and a good amount of time to put in. Automation saves time that can be spent on other business activities. Automation takes care of other tasks including customer interactions, lead generation, social media management, content scheduling, etc.

Budget saving

As efficiency is the main goal of Automation, the team members can focus on their core tasks to work efficiently and fast. This makes them more productive and the projects are delivered on time without extra investment in hiring new employees. Automation minimizes the effort due to repetitive tasks, allowing you to get the most out of it. Hence, with the saving, you can directly relocate your budget into campaigns.

Support customer communications

Communication is essential is required to improve client relationships. For this generally, the executives used to sends tons of emails manually or deal with them. Email automation is the best place to start in this scenario. For example, visitors open the website and submit a query. Email automation will then send a warm welcome email to keep the lead intact. This has two major advantages. One that there is timely communication between the potential client and second there are no efforts as the automated task will do that for you. Emails give the power of automation and Chatbots can ensure to address immediate queries for immediate visitors. The power of automation in communication is the reason for today’s business success.

Meaningful analytics

The automation software is designed to do a market analysis. They read the important data like customer hits, campaign, and market data and generate effective strategies for the future. The auto analysis allows the marketing process to improve and business to be more productive. The business also gets a good result from A/B testing as it will enable to optimize the content in real-time.

Automation Steps


There are mainly for 4 key steps to automate any task and we will discuss them in brief

  • Identify the tasks

First and foremost step towards automating is to identify the repetitive tasks. The team doing mundane repetitive tasks that can be automated and help reduce the time and effort. This will reduce the costs associated with it and not to mention reduce the error.

  • Identify the appropriate automation software

There is lots of automation software out there in the market. Getting the best one out of all the options is a challenge but you have to choose very carefully. Do extensive research before you commit for software for long go. Most platforms also give free trails so the best option is to use the free trials and then go for the license version.

  • Train your team

Automation is a new concept to many employees and they need proper training to work with it. They need to know how automation is going to fit into their day-to-day operation and their role will be refocused. Marketing automation is going to become the most important marketing skills in the coming future for businesses.

  • Find the effectiveness of Automation

Implementing automation in the business operation is just the beginning. You should periodically review the effectiveness of it for your business. Know the impact of automation on the target metrics, so that you can take the right steps or make adjustments to hit the target metrics.

Marketing Automation Platforms

There are many popular marketing platforms such as Marketo, HubSpot, Customer.Io, Pardot, Active Campaign and many more.


Automation is the next revolution happening that will change the face of marketing in the upcoming years. Businesses have the power of leveraging technology for productivity. Less manual tasks more efficiency is the key to automation and adopting it will ensure great success.

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