What is Custom Software Development?

Every Business is unique and needs specific workflows in terms of software. In this article we will answer the question, what is custom software development? And will deep dive in the details related to it.

Custom Software Development

Custom word is itself self-explanatory. Custom software is the software developed to meet the specific needs of an Industry. Custom software solutions are unique, capable solutions to meet the innovative needs of the organization. These software’s are typically developed by the in house developers or can be outsourced. The custom software is not made for reselling.

So what is off the shelf software?

There is a major difference between custom software solutions and off the shelf solution. The off the shelf solution is designed for the larger audience. For example the Microsoft Word, the software is designed for the large public with diverse solutions catering to different needs of its users. But suppose a company XYZ needs software with specific need keeping in mind of its infrastructure, location, branding and implementing only for that its organizational needs then it is termed as the custom software.

What is the proof using custom software development?

codingThe off the shelf solution has the limitation of not catering to unique and specific solution of an organization. Custom software development is done to increase the level of productivity. If you have software designed to increase the productivity of your organization then customizing a solution is the best step you can take.

What is the con of using custom software development?

Custom software needs a development team to dedicatedly work for the organization need. As this requires many resources to design the costs and risks get high. When the business needs to develop customized software they allocate costs and resources for the development. In the end, the software has the risks to not fulfill the needs it was designed for in the first place. The purchasing company also should have full expertise in using the software. Additional costs will be required for training purposes. The risks of frequent change are also not out of the equation. To conclude we can say the risks and costs associated with the development are huge and thus the reason for using the custom software rather than the off the shelf software should be concrete.

Why choose custom software development?

First and foremost custom software is built with specific requirements. The software developed must be scalable and recommended to build on the latest technology.

Let us look at the points on why to go for the custom software development

You will get the best features – No off the shelf software caters all your needs. Custom software is made to give all the features that no off the shelf software needs. You will get all the best features in your budget with custom software development

Choose the software based on end-users and platforms

You could decide the user interface based on your end-users and the functionality. If you take the example of Paypal and amazon have the user interface specific to their business and need.

Seamless integrationsoftware-development

The most important part of developing custom software is seamless integration with the existing system. The custom software is from inception built to integrate with the existing workflows of the organization for this the software is being developed. This aids in great productivity and user experience.

Custom Software development services

Choosing an organization for custom software development is not that easy. Most organizations select local software companies for development. One picks the company that promises great service with appropriate and right prices. These organizations typically investigate the requirements assets’ and complexity of the software to be made and prepare an estimation of the cost required to do so.

The bid is then put for the time and costs required for the custom software development. These bids are always approximate as the development company may require more time and costs on development. Choosing a development company should never come to money. The preference must be given to the company that has completed successful projects, those who are willing to work on every modification suggested and are flexible and agile when it comes to the development.

If you have specific needs for which the custom software is necessary the contact the best custom software development company now.

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