5 Software Development Trends Revealed for 2020

Software development is all about innovation, new technologies, trends, and approaches to benefit the different industries. To match the pace of the ever-changing software development industry, it is important to adopt the latest technological advancements. Like every year, 2020 is also going to witness a revolutionary change in software development.

From increasing popularity and employability of Artificial Intelligence to the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, there will be other software development that will help businesses from every domain. Also, 2020 will bring lots of expectation for the business person to avail of the service of software development to take their business to a height.

Let us have a glimpse on 5 software development trends revealed for 2020:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI-based software is not a new concept but its speedy growth and adoption in every industry are going to strengthen its position in 2020. According to some reports, the growth in the AI market is going to be incredible next year. More businesses are adopting this technology to offer better services and little extra to their clients. Most of the companies think that implementing AI technology is going to provide them with a competitive edge over competitors. Other technology like Machine Learning, Deep Learning also has lots of benefits and applications in every industry. Custom software developments are constantly working to find new ways to implement AI technology in the business.


Nowadays, Chatbots have become the latest trend to include in the websites and apps. AI-driven technology has superbly substituted human customer care executives. Hence, it helps to reduce manual effort and saves cost. In 2020, there will be more and more Chatbots that will accurately analyze customer behavior. The facility of AI-driven technology to multitask will be great demand in the coming year. The researcher will be able to accomplish their goals by implementing AI technology.

Edge Computing

software_development.jpg (4576×3064) -Cloud Computing has already been popular in the past few years with major players AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Cloud computing is growing rapidly and businesses are migrating to a cloud solution. But it is no longer an emerging trend and has some shortcomings in some situations. Edge computing is quite helpful to eliminate those problems as a way to bypass the latency caused by cloud computing and getting the data to data centers for processing. The major advantage of edge computing is for the remote areas where there is a connectivity problem with the centralized location. It can be used to process the data that is time-sensitive which is not possible in cloud computing.

Instant Apps

The combination of web and mobile applications is known as a progressive web application. In 2016, the Instant app was introduced to the software development industry. These apps possess all the features of an app but can run like a website. You do not have to download it, which implies there is no need to provide them with a memory from your device. These instant apps are used to test mobile apps before it gets launched. The size of these apps is small but gives a better experience to the users. The apps provide a better conversion rate. Hence, it is expected that the trend of the instant app will grow in 2020 and beyond.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has got enormous popularity and became a well-known software development trend due to Bitcoins. But blockchain technology is not only confined to cryptocurrency rather it offers a high level of security. In the blockchain, block signifies that you can only add data but cannot remove it and chain signifies you are creating a chain of data. Hence, you are not able to change the previous block, so it makes it secure. Many industries are implementing blockchain as a part of their business.

The software development industry will have many changes with the introduction of new technologies and tools. The constant advancements in AI, AR and VR are going to help many industries in running their business. Businesses need to realize the benefits of these emerging software development trends so that they can adopt it much earlier. This will make them a front-runner in their domain.

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